Six Word Fridays: peace

14 10 2011

Inner demons are vicious buggers, yes.

Picking away at your insecurities, gleefully.Six Word Fridays

Making minor incidences major, so silly.

Spoiling the riches of self-worth, pity.

Sometimes gradual, not immediately noticed. Or,

In a blink, confidence drops; flustered.

Stomach lurches, thoughts scramble for safety.

Until deep breath, decision steeled; locked.

I call peace. Enough. I’m busy.

This Six Word Fridays prompt is all about peace. The flowers pictured here are called frangipani (aka plumeria) – one of my favourite flowers. I feel peace when looking at them. What brings you peace?

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* Image credit to IkklePiranha via

Six Word Fridays: Why not

7 10 2011

I heart shoes and handbags. Honestly,

What gal doesn’t? But my wallet…

Well, she holds a different view,

Stout penny-pincher that she is.

Choose one, the other, or none.

My common sense agrees, oh but…

My heart asks…why not both?


I don’t know what it is about the changing of seasons but I always want new shoes and a new handbag. Sigh…is it the same for you?

This week’s Six Word Fridays prompt is ‘Why Not’…so why not head on over to Melissa’s blog to read more creations on this theme!

* Photo credit to Ann Dabney via Flickr.

Six Word Fridays: pace

23 09 2011

There are a lot of things

I wanted to do this Fall

But I’ve had to prioritize becauseSix Word Fridays

There is no pace set faster

Than life with a toddler, and…

Truth: You can’t do it all.

This post is a sad tribute (lament?) about the straight-to-the-heart fact that I can’t attend the ShesConnected Conference anymore. 😦 With a business trip to Atlanta this month and Blissdom Canada next month, ShesConnected got squeezed out. Three trips in a 5-week window is not doable. I’d miss my family too much. But just let me whine about it here a little bit, okay?

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Six Word Fridays: connect

16 09 2011


how the past and the present

connect is an interesting landscape, divided

not by time or memory, but

by action and experience. framed, frozenSix Word Fridays

or kept perpetually in motion. painting

a canvas of thoughts, feelings. morphed

into a kaleidoscope world where you

make choices to relive or live!

a process of being – of seeing.

if you are what you are

from what was, ask yourself. decide.

what will i choose to become?

So much of our past and present shapes who we are, but the future is not set in stone. We must choose to move towards what we want to be. I’m working on that. 🙂

I totally free-formed this poem so no idea if it makes sense. What do you take from it? 

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* image source: here.

Six Word Fridays: exchange

2 09 2011

I know you can’t change things

The past is done and done

Mistakes, terribleness in general behind you

Really, that’s where they should be

However, looking back on this week

For more reasons beyond my own

I’d like a do over, please.

This has been a tough week for myself but also for a friend of mine. Life sure has its ups and downs. Hoping the ups soon smooth out this really awful dip she’s going through. For more writings on the prompt ‘exchange’ visit Melissa’s blog.

* Photo credit to Rumalowa via Flickr.

Six Word Fridays: easy

26 08 2011

We all know love isn’t easy.

It takes work, patience and understanding.

A give and take between partners.

Well…confession…sometimes I forget. (Oops.)

Ah, human fallibility and yet truth:

I’m fortunate. Despite my many foibles,

My husband still thinks I’m great.

And, I think he is too.

Love isn’t easy – what an understatement!

For this Six Word Fridays prompt, I speak of love because…well…today DH and I celebrate our 5-year wedding anniversary! 🙂 For more Six Word Friday creations, visit Melissa’s blog.

Six Word Fridays: unexpected

19 08 2011

Anger can come up so unexpectedly

As can love, jealousy and sadness

What you thought was, just isn’t

How unexpected the force of feeling

Reality is shifted – a knee-jerk reaction?

Or was the emotion wading (waiting?)

Biding its time beneath the surface

Surprising only you – but then again

Perhaps you’re just good at ignoring

What you aren’t ready to face

We’ve all been caught off guard by our emotional reactions to circumstances and people. It’s good every once in a while to wonder why…Check out more Six Word Friday-ness on Melissa’s blog.

Six Word Fridays: trial and error

12 08 2011

for me, trial and error is:

K1, P1, K2tog, P2tog and repeat

dropped stitch – oh no! try again.

knitting: fun…but not always easy.

DD with the baby blanket that I started when 5 months pregnant and finished when DD was 8 months old. 🙂

It’s Six Word Fridays and this week’s prompt is ‘trial and error’. What does trial and error make you think of? Read Melissa’s blog to see how others have shared their own perspective on this prompt.

Six Word Fridays: speak

5 08 2011

Phase One

Sometimes emotion can’t be held in

Burning, itching you from the inside

Bubbling, gurgling for release – viciously determined

Until finally screaming its way out

Words tumbling across the neglected gaps

Filling parts you stifled, let stale

From happiness to anger this appliesSix Word Fridays

No longer tamped, a gushing release

Until replete, doing what it must

Your soul does speak its mind

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* Photo via Chris  Halderman on Flickr

Six Word Fridays: love

22 07 2011
Mel Gallant tweeting

Tweet, tweet...

The truth: I love social media

Not for the tools or gadgetry

Although that does play a part

It’s for the connections I’ve made

The people who have enriched me

The opportunities to build/contribute something

Greater than myself; supporting my communitySix Word Fridays

Participating, engaging, learning, sharing – yes, yes

All those trite, over-used expressions

Are really, truly…what I love

This Six Word Friday post is inspired by the Social Capital Conference – Ottawa’s first social media learnathon – and one that I am fortunate enough to be speaking at tomorrow. Can’t wait!

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* Photo credit to sylc on Flickr. Thanks Simon! 🙂