Six Word Fridays: love

22 07 2011
Mel Gallant tweeting

Tweet, tweet...

The truth: I love social media

Not for the tools or gadgetry

Although that does play a part

It’s for the connections I’ve made

The people who have enriched me

The opportunities to build/contribute something

Greater than myself; supporting my communitySix Word Fridays

Participating, engaging, learning, sharing – yes, yes

All those trite, over-used expressions

Are really, truly…what I love

This Six Word Friday post is inspired by the Social Capital Conference – Ottawa’s first social media learnathon – and one that I am fortunate enough to be speaking at tomorrow. Can’t wait!

For more Six Word Friday goodness, visit Good stuff there.

* Photo credit to sylc on Flickr. Thanks Simon! 🙂




14 responses

22 07 2011

Mel, how true and perfect. This social media gives so much….

22 07 2011

Hi Ayala,

Yes, and allows you to give in return. That’s the best part!

22 07 2011
Molly@Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce

I know exactly how you feel, and when people condemn it, I just think about all the joy it has brought me.

22 07 2011

Me too. 🙂

22 07 2011

Yes, despite criticism, social media has provided so many connections to wonderful people from all over that we’d never have connected with otherwise. It’s the new pen pal-ing. Enjoy the conference.

22 07 2011

Totally the new pal-ing! Great way to describe it Rachelle. 🙂

22 07 2011

Yup. Me too. Social media <3. Now if only Google+ would pick up… (Is it just my circles, or is everyone being really… professional? over there? There's, like, zero chatter. Just posts and links and such. Weird.)

22 07 2011

Hi Melissa,

I agree – not a lot of chatter…people still trying to figure out how to flow it into their social media stream.

22 07 2011
Kate B

haha! I enjoy your writing – simple but unexpected twists on topics that can tend towards cliche – brilliant!!

22 07 2011

Thanks Kate! 🙂

23 07 2011

From your biggest fan! I agree with you I too *love* it!

25 07 2011

Thanks Mom – the community I’ve connected with online is so supportive. The best!

23 07 2011
Mama Zen


25 07 2011

Exactamondo! 🙂

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