The way of the grass

11 10 2011

I’m a big fan of What Not to Wear and the advice that Stacy and Clinton give to the wardrobe-challenged guests who appear on their show.

Like always choose a darker wash denim, look for suit jackets that enhance your waist, don’t be afraid of colour and pattern.

One of their biggest advice shares – especially to moms – is to always look polished, even when running errands, taking the kids to the park, etc.

They don’t mean look glamorous at all times. It’s more about looking put together. Like you made an effort beyond grabbing the nearest yoga pants and slouchy t-shirt in arm’s reach.

And while I agree to an extent, sometimes looking polished is the least of my concerns.

It’s this thing called time constraints. Let me give you an example.

The race

Today, I rushed home from work, changed into my workout gear and headed to the park with my trainer to work on my fitness.

The park equals grass and working out equals getting on the ground and doing crunches and the like.

I forgot my yoga mat. Which means grass stuck to my butt. A lot of it.

I was able to brush most of it off, but not all of it. And at the end of my gruelling sweat-a-thon, I needed to hop in the car and run errands before DH and DD arrived home.

I had two choices: run inside to change and waste precious time getting myself presentable. Or hop into the car – grassed up as I was – and get those errands done.

I chose to go the way of the grass.

The consequence

While standing in line at my local Pizza Pizza (don’t judge…I worked out hard!) I felt a friendly tap on my shoulder. A kind young woman let me know I had grass on my butt.

I said, “Thanks, yes I know” with a bit of a self-deprecating laugh. She responded, “Oh, ha, ha” and red-faced, quickly turned away.

I think she was embarrassed for me.

Which just goes to show. Stacy and Clinton are obviously right about the importance of making an effort to look presentable.

The reward

But in the end, that grass-laden butt of mine saved me time. Which today at least, took precedence.

Confession: If I was going anywhere other than the local pizza joint and drugstore I probably would have changed. But don’t you agree that sometimes, what really counts is time and not the state of your wardrobe?

* Image sourced via Beyond the Fields We Know

Wordless Wednesday: jumping by

10 08 2011

Look who jumped in for a quick visit. I swear he’s smiling at me.

Well hello there!

Wordless Wednesday: Summer Vacation

27 07 2011

These two photos were taken this afternoon by our neighbour
in her beautiful garden.



As luck would have it

8 06 2011

Last Saturday did not go according to plan. It was supposed to go like this:

  • Saturday morning: walk with DD to the park then playdate with playgroup friends
  • Saturday afternoon: run errands, respond to #SixWordFriday posts
  • Saturday night: dinner out with moms from aforementioned playgroup

Instead, Saturday involved a random call from our neighbour as DD and I head to the park. The neighbour informing me DH has had a terrible disagreement with the trailer while trying to hitch it to the car. He is on his way to the hospital because his hand is badly injured. Okay. What?!?

Turns out, DH severed the tendons in his left middle finger. That’s as detailed as I’ll get. He had surgery, is in a cast, and has about 4-6 months of recovery ahead of him.

The good news

DH still has all of his digits, and after his surgery Sunday night, they seem to all be in working order. Hooray!

Our neighbours are awesome. During this emergency, one neighbour family called me while another neighbour family took DH to the hospital.

These same neighbours watched over DD while  I rushed to the hospital and my Dad made his way over to look after her.

On Sunday, one of the neighbour families looked after DD while I took DH to his surgery and waited to take him home. The other neighbour family offered to help DH take care of DD while I’m on a business trip next week. (So nice, right?)

Both sets of neighbours have offered to help in any way we need as DH recovers. So have our friends and family. We are really lucky to have such great people in our life.

Not only that, my Twitter peeps offered words of encouragement and distracted me with funny anecdotes while I waited in Emergency for DH to get stitched up. 🙂


What’s awesome is that with my parents in town they can help DH out because, yes, I have another business trip at the end of the month. (We already tested DH changing DD’s diaper one-handed…ya…not too effective).

So as luck would have it, we have some pretty great neighbours who provided support when we needed it. That support has been further extended by friends and family (near and far) who also jumped in to help.

All we can say is wow. And thank you.

The trailer hitch won

The trailer hitch won

My downfall

27 04 2011

You wouldn’t think that something so small would cause such havoc. But here before you lies my downfall.

Rosebuds are dangerous

The terrible-for-you-but-somehow-oh-so-tempting…rosebud.

I used to turn my nose up at them. Wouldn’t dare to let something so truly bad for me touch my lips.

And then I got pregnant.

Suddenly, rosebuds became extremely appealing. And addictive.

Now I’m having a hard time letting go of the addiction. I gobble down eat rosebuds every day. Not a whole box! But still, enough to make a habit a bad one.

I need to go back to dark chocolate.

We like to disco

25 04 2011

A snippet of a dance party held at Chez Gallant this weekend.

Aside from the music playing, all you hear in the audio is me laughing.

Disco Toddler from Mel Gallant on Vimeo.

This entry is part of Monday Moments, a weekly series started by Brie at Capital Mom, where participants are invited to share life’s moments. This week’s topic: laughing.

Where’s the table? I want a seat

25 01 2011

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s recent Ted Talk – Why we have too few female leaders – has been circulating the web a lot recently, and for good reason.

I came across the video two weeks ago and Sheryl’s points really struck a chord with me, and I find it to be especially timely since tomorrow night’s Girl Geek Dinners Ottawa event features three women who will share their career journey to executive positions in their respective organizations.

I urge you to take the time to watch the video. Sheryl is an engaging speaker and her points resonate.

Sheryl’s advice to women:

Sit at the table
Don’t discount your worth, your opinion, your abilities.

Here’s the rub – success and likeability are positively correlated for men and negatively so for women, which means being assertive and going after your dream promotion doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be liked. Awesome. Read the rest of this entry »

Getting my Pilates on

4 01 2011

Holy holiday hiatus! It’s been over two weeks since my last post. My only excuse is I was really sick over Christmas. I basically was buried with a head cold that knocked me flat. I wasn’t much of a festive sprite to be around and I was barely online. Not how I imagined my Christmas vacation at all.

But I’m back!

And what I’ve been itching to write about is my experience taking Pilates. Have you tried it? In case you don’t already know, Pilates is hard. But it’s a good kind of hard – I feel energized and refreshed after every session.

Like many other forms of exercise, Pilates requires concentration and good breathing. But it also requires a level of body awareness that doesn’t necessarily come naturally.

The goal is to increase the strength, flexibility and control of the body. Somewhat easier said than done. Oh but it’s fun! Read the rest of this entry »

a ‘naturally’ sweet holiday tradition

24 11 2010

I tweeted today that my favourite food of the holiday season is Clementines. They are the perfect fruit. Easy to peel, bite-size wedges of sweet, juicy goodness that are almost always seedless. Delicious and nutritious indeed.

Now I don’t fool around. I buy my Clementines by the crate because I eat a lot of them. I can easily go through a crate a week. By myself.

oh my darling...

oh my darling...

DH doesn’t eat them. Actually, he doesn’t eat any fruit but that’s a discussion for a whole other blog post. DD likes them one day and doesn’t the next. No matter, it means more Clementines for me!

When I was growing up, a Clementine was always placed at the toe of each family member’s stocking.

Every year we’d work our way through the chocolate and trinkets until that last plunge of the arm into the stocking made contact with this beautiful fruit. My brother, sister and I would forego our collected sweets and eat our Clementines then and there. Yum. Read the rest of this entry »

my journey to Blissdom starts with Tanner

24 10 2010

Through luck of the draw (literally), I’m attending the Blissdom Canada Conference in Toronto next week.

The Blissdom ticket was part of a prize pack I won for donating to the Tweetathon for Tanner, a fundraiser held for a deserving boy a couple of months ago via Twitter. The tweetathon auction raised $30,000 to help Tanner’s family renovate their home so that Tanner, who is dying from Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy, can live at home in the final year or so that he has left.  Read the rest of this entry »