Six Word Fridays: easy

26 08 2011

We all know love isn’t easy.

It takes work, patience and understanding.

A give and take between partners.

Well…confession…sometimes I forget. (Oops.)

Ah, human fallibility and yet truth:

I’m fortunate. Despite my many foibles,

My husband still thinks I’m great.

And, I think he is too.

Love isn’t easy – what an understatement!

For this Six Word Fridays prompt, I speak of love because…well…today DH and I celebrate our 5-year wedding anniversary! 🙂 For more Six Word Friday creations, visit Melissa’s blog.



18 responses

26 08 2011

Beautiful picture. Congrats on your Anniversary!

26 08 2011

Thanks Alecia. Of all the photos taken that day – this is my fav. 🙂

26 08 2011
LaQueshia Jeffries

Lovely picture, especially with the background foliage! Thanks again for being there to lend a cyber hand this week. :o)

26 08 2011

Hey LaQueshia – anytime! Twitter spam is crazy this week.

The photo was taken at Major’s Hill Park in Ottawa, Canada. The gardens there are beautiful.

26 08 2011

Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated our 27th…lots of years of foibles, forgiveness and fun ~ not always easy, but oh so worth it!

26 08 2011

Adrienne – 27 years! Wow, that is wonderful. 🙂

26 08 2011

Love definitely isn’t easy!
Congrats on your anniversary and what a beautiful picture!

26 08 2011

Thanks Keia!

26 08 2011
Brook @2bdancing

Happy Anniversary! Marriage, living together, staying together is a lot of work. But I disagree. Love is easy. It’s all the other stuff that’s hard. 🙂

26 08 2011

Hi Brook! Thanks. You’re right, love is easy, but it can be hard be your best self when ‘in love’.

26 08 2011

Understatement may even be an understatement.

Beautiful photo!

26 08 2011

Hi Kelly,

Thanks! I agree – understating the understated. uh-huh.

26 08 2011

Happy Anniversary! gorgeous picture!! may you always have happiness in your heart!!!!

26 08 2011
cj schlottman

Oh, but love is so worth the work! This is delightful and BTW, Happy Anniversary.


26 08 2011

Maybe not easy, but worth it!
Congratulations and happy anniversary! ❤ You guys are gorgeous.

27 08 2011


29 08 2011

Happy anniversary! Hope that give and take is a beautiful tug-o-love for a long time.

29 08 2011

Happy Anniversary! Love is anything but easy – I think that’s what makes it worth the pain and hard times 🙂

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