Six Word Fridays: speak

5 08 2011

Phase One

Sometimes emotion can’t be held in

Burning, itching you from the inside

Bubbling, gurgling for release – viciously determined

Until finally screaming its way out

Words tumbling across the neglected gaps

Filling parts you stifled, let stale

From happiness to anger this appliesSix Word Fridays

No longer tamped, a gushing release

Until replete, doing what it must

Your soul does speak its mind

Hey, it’s Six Word Fridays! Join in on the fun over on Melissa’s blog.

* Photo via Chris  Halderman on Flickr




8 responses

5 08 2011

I’m such a “contained” person. I had a friend who used to say she could see me editing before I speak. I love the notion of stuff just bubbling out…skipping my mind, and just letting loose. Perhaps the notion of the soul speaking its mind will loosen me up a bit!! This is both lovely to read and intriguing!

5 08 2011

My words spill out before I think….I don’t regret it because I like to speak my mind even when I shouldn’t.

5 08 2011
cj schlottman

Mel, This is wonderful, just filled with visceral feeling. “Burning, itching you from the inside
Bubbling, gurgling for release.” These feelings are so raw and true, and you know how I love truth!


5 08 2011
Molly@Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce

I loved this poem because the intensity of your verses so aptly communicated your message. I used to be such a “tumbler” and it got me into trouble in my marriage. Now I’m trying to be more like Adrienne and edit my words. It’s a good practice but there is nothing like the catharsis of words gushing forth!

5 08 2011

I so much prefer not having to edit myself. Thankfully, I can be candid around my husband and some good friends. As for the rest of the world, I really think most of us prefer a sugar-coated version of the truth. But that’s different from lies, which is what we sometimes get from too much editing.

5 08 2011
Rinkly Rimes

Sometimes I think before I speak….but not often.

5 08 2011

I love this especially ‘words tumbling across the neglected gaps’. The imagery is perfect for those conversations that are left unspoken for too long.

6 08 2011

I wish I was better able to edit myself on the fly! Sometimes I can, but there are certainly situations that lead to me being a tumbler.

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