Six Word Fridays: peace

14 10 2011

Inner demons are vicious buggers, yes.

Picking away at your insecurities, gleefully.Six Word Fridays

Making minor incidences major, so silly.

Spoiling the riches of self-worth, pity.

Sometimes gradual, not immediately noticed. Or,

In a blink, confidence drops; flustered.

Stomach lurches, thoughts scramble for safety.

Until deep breath, decision steeled; locked.

I call peace. Enough. I’m busy.

This Six Word Fridays prompt is all about peace. The flowers pictured here are called frangipani (aka plumeria) – one of my favourite flowers. I feel peace when looking at them. What brings you peace?

For more thoughts on this Six Word Fridays theme, visit Melissa’s blog.

* Image credit to IkklePiranha via



6 responses

14 10 2011

This is amazing. My brother and I were up talking last night…about some family demons and how to win our fight with them. I’m calling peace! Thanks for this!

14 10 2011

Thanks Adrienne. I find those family demons sneak up on me too. Deep breath and yes, calling peace. 🙂

14 10 2011

Well placed words!
It’s funny (or not) how much power we have to call peace and yet how powerless we feel in the face of those demons.

14 10 2011

Exactly right, Kate! We have the power and tend to give it up too easily.

14 10 2011

I call peace 🙂 good for you!

15 10 2011

I will have to practice calling peace!

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