Six Word Fridays: Why not

7 10 2011

I heart shoes and handbags. Honestly,

What gal doesn’t? But my wallet…

Well, she holds a different view,

Stout penny-pincher that she is.

Choose one, the other, or none.

My common sense agrees, oh but…

My heart asks…why not both?


I don’t know what it is about the changing of seasons but I always want new shoes and a new handbag. Sigh…is it the same for you?

This week’s Six Word Fridays prompt is ‘Why Not’…so why not head on over to Melissa’s blog to read more creations on this theme!

* Photo credit to Ann Dabney via Flickr.

Mommy shoe

22 06 2011

When my daughter wants to play outside, she’ll sign and say, “Outside?” then run and bring me my shoes.

To be even more helpful she’ll say, “Mommy shoe” while thoughtfully plunking them down in front of me.

The adorable part?

The shoes she brings aren’t always the most practical for romping around in the great outdoors.

Example A:

DD selects my shoes-1

Example B:

DD selects mommy's shoes-2

Exhibit C:

DD selects Mommy's shoe-3

But when the little lady wants to go outside, she doesn’t care what shoes you wear, as long as you get them on your feet so she can get going. 🙂

am i done yet?

13 03 2011

Today I…

  • Made banana bread
  • Made tomato sauce
  • Grocery shopped
  • Did five (going on six) loads of laundry (folded, but I’ll admit not yet put away)
  • Organized the living and family rooms (aka put DD’s toys away) as DH vacuumed and swept
  • Cleaned 2.5 bathrooms top to bottom
  • Gathered together DD’s “stuff” for her start at her new daycare tomorrow (fingers crossed it goes well!)

I’ve cleaned and cleaned, tidied and organized. The only thing I haven’t done is wash my kitchen floor (DH is on it!).

All this work…so I deserve these new shoes, right?

Shoes I covet