Life with a toddler

14 09 2011

For this Wordless Wednesday I give you four photos that represent life with a toddler chez Gallant…

Trying on the the new coat from Grandma. My, don’t I look good!

Suddenly…the mood turns…

See the finger pointing in the bottom left frame?
A stern warning to Dolly. ‘Time out, Dolly. Time out.”

OK – let’s make silly faces in the camera!
Laugh and laugh…whew! Good mood returns.

Up…down…up…down. We all have those days. Good thing we can laugh about it at the end. 😉

Let it ride

24 08 2011

When it comes to parenting, there is no balance. The simple fact is you juggle, and some things slip.

In the early months of DD’s life, it was sleep, daily showers and housework (never the laundry though. I was always doing laundry).

Later on it was time with friends, time to myself that got squeezed out. Making plans can seem a gargantuan effort when your friends’ schedules don’t mesh with your baby/toddler’s nap. And if they have their own children, it can be weeks, sometimes months before you can find a time that works.

And all those things I used to do, like workout whenever, read a book, and bake – well they end up being early morning or late at night activities. I do not thrive in the early morning and I don’t know about you but I’m tired at the end of a long workday.

The one thing about being a parent is you prioritize. While I love DD and I put her first before a lot of things, I realize that for both my own sanity and well-being (and thus hers), I need to prioritize my interests, my friendships.

I don’t see this as selfish, I see it as smart. Because I want to set a good example.

I want to show my daughter that I am more than just her ‘mommy’. I’m a full person in my own right with interests beyond motherhood. Because I want DD to know that she too has that right.

So frankly, if you come to my house you’ll see that sometimes the dishes aren’t done. The mail may not have been filed and that yes, at a higher frequency than I care to admit, dinner is takeout BBQ chicken and wedge fries from Loblaws (served with fresh veggies and dip!).

Instead, I’m spending time with my family and creating time for myself. Colouring with DD, hanging with DH, maybe blogging or working on my fitness.

If you’ve timed it right, your visit may coincide with homemade chocolate chip cookies warm from the oven. 🙂

I’m doing stuff for me. Everything else? I just let it ride.

Air Swing - Foire des Tuileries

Photo via Tavallai on Flickr.

Favourite place to be

16 08 2011

This is DD’s favourite place to be. At the park, yes. But more specifically, in a swing.

As I push her back and forth, she closes her eyes and let’s the breeze caress her face.

Back and forth. Back and forth – a light smile on her face.

While I am the agent of physics moving DD through the air, I’ve come to realize I’m not really a part of the moment.

This is DD’s quiet time.

Her meditation. Her favourite place to be.

What is your favourite place to be? In all honesty, my first response is anywhere I’m with my family. But if it’s a favourite place just for me, I’d say curled up on my couch with a glass of wine and a good book. 🙂

A mother is…

3 05 2010

…a role I cherish. Sure the hours are long, vacations are rare, and there seems to be a never-ending need to wipe away tears and poop. But all that aside, being a mom is so much fun.

In being a mom, I get to see the world again for the first time. Sharing moments with my 8.5-month-old daughter that make her giggle with glee, and doing what I can to make the boo-boos better. As a mom, I get to guide and teach my daughter as she discovers the world.

As my little girl’s mom, I can proudly tell you:

She knows that Spike and Lily are our cats and the importance of “gentle touch” when petting them.

She likes the sounds that birds make and watching the wind move through the trees in our backyard.

She likes being able to put her Cheerios in her mouth all by herself.

She gets excited when she sees other babies and children because she knows they’re little people just like her.

She likes giving ‘high fives’ but will only smile if you try to get her to wave bye-bye.

She doesn’t like broccoli but will tolerate it if mixed with pears.

She thinks sneezes are  hilarious and will giggle at every *achoo* you or she makes.

She likes to sit in your lap and turn the pages of the book when you read to her.

Last week my daughter learned that if she wants to, she can crawl to the toy she wants to  play with, the cupboard she wants to investigate, the person (e.g. mom and dad) she wants to cuddle.

And it’s amazing to me that this little person, so new to my life, has such a hold on my heart.

To me, being a mother is awesome.

This post is written in response to a call-out by Loukia at Loulou’s Views asking moms to share what it means to them to be a mother. The chance to win a Coach wristlet doesn’t hurt either. 😉