Life with a toddler

14 09 2011

For this Wordless Wednesday I give you four photos that represent life with a toddler chez Gallant…

Trying on the the new coat from Grandma. My, don’t I look good!

Suddenly…the mood turns…

See the finger pointing in the bottom left frame?
A stern warning to Dolly. ‘Time out, Dolly. Time out.”

OK – let’s make silly faces in the camera!
Laugh and laugh…whew! Good mood returns.

Up…down…up…down. We all have those days. Good thing we can laugh about it at the end. 😉



8 responses

14 09 2011

I completely relate to that up-down-up-down today. It’s exhausting and, thankfully, often fun.

14 09 2011

Hi Karen,

So exhausting…the fun does make up for the exhaustion though. 🙂

15 09 2011

So sweet 🙂

15 09 2011
Mel Gallant

Thanks Ayala,

When DD pulls out her cranky mood, I need a reminder of the sweet that DD is most of the time. 🙂

15 09 2011


15 09 2011
Mel Gallant

Hi Maranda,

She is cute…a little devil at times…but always cute. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

15 09 2011

Great photos! She is just too cute!

15 09 2011
Mel Gallant

Thanks Mom,

We exchanged the jacket and pants for a smaller size so she can rock the look this season. 🙂

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