Six Word Fridays: counting our blessings

22 04 2011

My blessings are many – I’m lucky.

My troubles are minimal, trivial even,

When placed against a larger context.

Compared to hardships endured by others –

Those surfacing from disasters, surviving atrocitiesSix Word Fridays

Natural and man-made – against that backdrop

(Of humanity boiled over) I’m blessed.

But sometimes…the little things collect

Adding up to a larger burden

Uncomfortably placed, scratching at my well-being.

Not always or all the time,

But sometimes…fortune counting reminds me

(Is the only way to remember)

My blessings are many – I’m lucky.


Two of my blessings right here.

Before you go wondering if I need a hug, let me say that I’m not feeling down or blue. This Six Word Fridays theme got me thinking of the highs and lows of life. Sometimes when mired in the downs we need a larger perspective from which to see the fortunes (blessings) that surround us.

Enough of this pontificating (dare I say navel gazing?)! Go visit Making Things Up and get yourself some more Six Word Friday goodness.




19 responses

22 04 2011
Molly@Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce

Sometimes contrast is the only way that we understand our lives and remember our blessings.

22 04 2011

Gaining perspective. It’s not alway easy. 🙂

22 04 2011
Amy @ Never-True Tales

Love the photo with this one. And yes, so many of us are fretting over trivial problems, and this is a great reminder of priorities. Thank you!

22 04 2011

Amy, the photo was taken earlier this week. DD really wanted to help her daddy switch the lawn mower blade. (she’s helping…from a safe distance away). 😉

22 04 2011

I like that — a handyman and a future handymay. You ARE blessed!

22 04 2011

I am Juliana. I really am. 🙂 I’ve never heard the expression ‘handymay’ before. I love it!

22 04 2011
Brook @2bdancing

It’s tricky to maintain the dual focus on this small moment and on the bigger picture. We’re bound to lose our balance on the highwire every now and again.

22 04 2011

Brook – you’re so right. We trip over the little hardships – it’s important to put them in greater context. Dont sweat the small stuff or something like that. 😉

22 04 2011

Love the photo and your words, Mel, keeping in mind what the bigger picture looks like, are full of wisdom.

22 04 2011

Thanks Belinda! I love the photo too. 🙂

22 04 2011

Yes, how true. Our blessings, in context of those with less, do seem like an avalanche of good fortune.

22 04 2011

An avalanche indeed. Thanks Justine!

22 04 2011

Love the photo and the words, Mel. You are blessed and I am so happy that you know that! 🙂

22 04 2011

Thanks Ayala. I’m glad I know it too versus taking it all for granted. 🙂

22 04 2011

With the little things weaving their way around me, I regularly need reminding that there’s a bigger picture than my here + now.

22 04 2011

Well Melissa, I thank you for Six Word Fridays. It’s introduced me to a fabulous blogging community. 🙂

22 04 2011

beautiful post Mel!

23 04 2011
cj Schlottman


This is a beautiful reminder to not sweat the small stuff. So often the small stuff gets in our eyes, preventing us from seeing the larger reality. Well done!


25 04 2011
Mel Gallant

Thanks CJ…Namaste in return. 🙂

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