The best thing to do

18 04 2011

I’ve learned that when I need to get DD’s attention

To get her to focus on my words,

The best thing to do is hold her face between my hands

And ask her to look at mommy.

Sometimes this works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Toddlers are willful creatures. 🙂

Cute with a mind of her own. 🙂

This entry is part of Monday Moments, a weekly series started by Brie at Capital Mom, where participants are invited to share a moment from their life. This week’s topic: focusing.




8 responses

18 04 2011

Good strategy. I have been know to do that too. Or pick up a kid just so they will look at me. 🙂

18 04 2011

Oh that works too. This one is getting squirmy though! 😉

18 04 2011

I do this to my kids. Juliette thinks it works well since when she feels I’m not paying attention to her she now does it to me 😉

18 04 2011

What’s good for the goose, right? 🙂

18 04 2011

Oh she is so cute! I do the face thing too. And my 15mo does it back to me. At the moment it is just a game (we call it squeezy cheeks), not a focus thing. But as he gets older I’ll use it to get him to focus on me.

18 04 2011

Squeezy cheeks – I love it!

18 04 2011

What a sweet face!

18 04 2011

Sweet face…sweet girl with just a wee bit of devil. 😉

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