six word fridays: novel

18 02 2011

alas – for this Six Word Fridays
i have nothing novel to say

a simple truth i can’t escape
creativity is zapped – empty of words

sounds like a cop out, yes
one i don’t mean to use

i have turned through my thoughts
sifted through experiences – real and imagined

and can only find crumpled ideas
today, nothing inspiring springs to mind

would you forgive me this confession
just this once? i hope so

i’m plain old brain tired today

Six Word Fridays

My brain went *ker-plunk!* for this Six Word Fridays entry, but you’ll definitely find some inspirational contributions over at Making Things Up. Go check it out!




8 responses

18 02 2011
Molly@Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce

Oh Mel, I felt the same way this week! All dried up. That’s why I decided to use the prompt as a more life inspiration.

But I didn’t say it as eloquently as you. I would read anything you have to say.

18 02 2011

Mel, it happens to all of us. Your confession is honest and vulnerable – you have my support 🙂

18 02 2011
Heather Caliri

Confronting the blank screen without ideas
is a brave thing to do.

18 02 2011

I’ve been feeling that way quite a bit lately. “Crumpled ideas”-exactly!

18 02 2011

Expressed so eloquently! Brains need rejuvenation.

18 02 2011

And yet no empty space here!
Well done for being so tired 🙂

19 02 2011

Said a lot for not having anything to say. 🙂 and so well put.

22 02 2011

Ah, clever. Some days, it sure seems like everything’s been said before.

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