six word fridays: refreshed

28 01 2011

camping trips when i was little

were every summer, rain into shine.

heading up or down Vancouver Island,Six Word Fridays

no matter the weather we camped

seeking any number of beautiful spots

the rainforest our playground, the ocean

lapping at heels dug into sand.

on every trip we would bring

a crate clinking with a promise

oh anticipation! a special summer treat.

heading to our destination, serious negotiations

transpired. my siblings and i asking:

ok, who gets what? counting, dividing

so that when the time came…

after running, jumping and exploring nature…

we were ready – selections already made

taking that first delicious, fizzy sip

of Pop Shoppe soda. such yum!

when i was little, refreshment was

Lime Rickey, Orange and Root Bear.

i will always associate these flavours

to summer camping trips with family.

The Pop Shoppe

Photo courtesy of

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20 responses

28 01 2011
Molly@Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce

Thanks for sharing this wonderful childhood memory with us, Mel. It took me back to my own family summer trips, which I so adored.

28 01 2011

Camping is so much fun. I’m glad it was a huge part of my childhood. 🙂

28 01 2011

Utterly delightful in these long winter months. I adored your six word friday!

28 01 2011

Thanks Alita. As soon as I saw this week’s topic, The Pop Shoppe *popped* into my head – lol.

28 01 2011

Oh, the rainforest.
Thanks for the memory reminder!

28 01 2011

Yes, I miss the living close to a rainforest. So majestic.

28 01 2011

Beautiful memories! ” a crate clinking with a promise”- love it!

28 01 2011

Thanks Ayala – it’s so true though. We’d hear the bottles clinking in the trunk and would be so excited. Pop was a special treat in our house and Pop Shoppe pop even more so. 🙂

28 01 2011

Sounds delicious 🙂

28 01 2011

A ride down memory lane indeed. Funy thing…I was out and about the other week and low and behold I saw the pop shoppe logo. It is still being sold out here. All the flavours were so good! I think I have to go buy some 😉

1 02 2011

Mom, I checked The Poppe Shop website and they have it out here too – at Costco for one. So yay!

28 01 2011

A wonderful reminder of our honeymoon – we spent a week on Vancouver island 🙂

28 01 2011
Val Pohl

I am reading your blog while in Palm Springs, and loved it.
You are indeed very talented, and too bad we don’t see you
more often. Send us your email address.

Uncle Val

1 02 2011

We were there in September visiting family. It’s a beautiful place. I loved growing up there.

28 01 2011

Love this! Lime Rickey, oh my.
Even just the name is refreshing!

29 01 2011
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30 01 2011
Jen @ Momalom

Can’t wait for summer and camping with my kids. We’ve thought of going every summer but haven’t yet. This summer we’re hoping to be diaper free and camping! Refreshment indeed.

1 02 2011

I can’t wait to take DD camping either. So fun.

31 01 2011
michelle derusha

Gorgeous! I spent a lot of my youth camping, so this piece really takes me back. I didn’t have a rainforest as my playground though…that sounds really cool. The pacific northwest is such a unique environment. I was able to visit Portland once and was just enchanted.

1 02 2011

Michelle, you’re so right. The entire Pacific Northwest is stunningly beautiful. It’s all those trees and mountains. Oh and the ocean. 🙂

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