six word fridays: perfection

30 07 2010

tea steeped just right – with honey

a buffy the vampire slayer marathon

little girl giggles lighting the air

afternoons lost in a good book

holding hands with  my husband – sweetly

rich and gooey brownies – nom! nom!


Wondering what’s up? Check out Melissa’s meme at Making Things Up,  then write your own six word masterpiece!




6 responses

30 07 2010

Tea and brownies together: OH YES.

30 07 2010
Christine LaRocque

So right! Especially brownies and book.

30 07 2010
Heather @ Alis Grave Nil

Man, it’s been forever since I watched Buffy. Good reminder to drag it out again. 🙂

31 07 2010
Belinda Munoz + The Halfway Point

Snippets of an ordinary day, perfection.
Lots of combinations. Works for me!

31 07 2010
cj Schlottman

It all sounds so wonderfully good!


31 07 2010

Giggles are the best!

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